Antwerp: Travel Guide


Rosier 41

  • Best of the best designer vintage

  • Great relationships w/ stores and brands to acquire inventory

Labels Inc.

  • Designer vintage for grandmas but you may be able to pick something nice

  • More attention to non-superstar (???) Belgian designers such as Veronique Branquino & Dirk Bikkembergs


  • Designer vintage that's a bit more... street?

    • i.e. geobaskets in the window

Ann Demeulemeester

  • Great retail space in a 17th century mansion

  • Sweet workers

  • Bonus: look for Ann-designed bench and Ann-dressed St. Andrews Madonna


  • Iconic Belgian shoe shop (the very first tabi stockist) turned Triple-S + friends retailer


Wild Project - Incredible vegan tapas and atmosphere

Falafeltof - Absolute steal

Juno - Good for a raw morning/brunch meal

Frituur - Classic chips spot w/ many greasy vegan options & on a super peaceful square

Ahaar - THE Indiana spot

Enjoy your trip,